Prof. Ehud Dodson, the Former CEO of Clalit, has Been Appointed Chairman of Code Pharma

Zyon Ayni - Code Pharma

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As reported by ‘Time News’, Professor Ehud Dodson, CEO of Clalit Health Services until last July, has been appointed chairman of the Dutch pharmaceutical company Code Pharma, which is developing the effective Codivir drug for the treatment of corona. This recruitment process gives Code Pharma a significant contribution from Prof. Dodson’s knowledge and many years of experience in the medical and managerial fields.

These days, clinical trials are being carried out in the second phase in Brazil and South Africa with the company’s flagship drug, Codivir, which is considered to be the most advanced in the world in the treatment of coronavirus. The medical community is waiting for the approval of the drug, which knows how to lower the virus levels regardless of the type of variant. Code Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in viral infections, HIV, and cancer research, founded by the Israeli-Dutch Zyon Ayni.