Zyon Ayni: “To Eliminate the Virus, I Need One More Miracle and Lot Of Hard Training”

Zyon Ayni - Global Trend Monitor

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Global Trend Monitor Magazine published an interview with Zyon Ayni, Founder and CEO of Code Pharma. Ayni explained about the medication Codivir: “Codivir is a short synthetic 16 amino-acid peptide, derived from the HIV-1 integrase. It was originally found in preclinical and clinical examinations to combat the HIV virus. The first two letters Co comes from Covid, Cod is the Code from our company name and Vir is code name for virus. We are breaking the code of virus”.

Zyon Ayni also talked about the future: “We are in contact with governments all over the world and expecting to get emergency approvals from a substantial number of them by the end of a successful phase II study. We are currently in Dubai and looking for local partners in the UAE and other countries to do local production and distribution”.